Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science

XXXVIII IATLIS National Conference, 03 – 04 December 2022 on the theme ICT, NEP 2020 and LIS Education in India

IATLIS Welcomes You

The idea of founding an association of library science teachers was floated at the Unesco Regional Seminar held at the University of Delhi in October 1960 and later on discussed at the following three seminars:
All India Seminar on Education for Librarianship held at Banaras Hindu University (1963),
All India Seminar on Education for Librarianship held at SNDT Women’s University (1965), and
All India Seminar on Teaching of Library Science held at Delhi University (1966). To elicit the opinion from teachers in library schools, a circular was issued by Prof Bashiruddin in collaboration with the late Prof. Das Gupta and P.N.Kaula from the Rajasthan School. At the Delhi Seminar in 1966, the same issue was reviewed but without yielding any result.
Mr Derek Langridge, principal lecturer, North Western Polytechnic School (England) delivered Sarada Ranganathan Endowment Lectures at DRTC, Bangalore on ‘Teaching of Library Classification’ from 15-19 December 1969. This provided a fortuitous opportunity to discuss the issue of having an organization for teachers of Library Science. (Source: Kaula, 1970)

Formation of the organization: On 19th December 1969, a meeting of the teachers of library science attending the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment Lectures was convened by Mr. P. N. Kaula at DRTC with Mr. C. K. Langridge in the chair. This was attended by teachers from several Library schools. Dr. D. B. Krishna Rao asked Mr. P.N. Kaula to give his opening Address stating the purpose of the meeting. Mr. P. N. Kaula described the structure of Library education in the country and the need for having an association of teachers of Library science .He also stated the efforts made in the past and the interest shown by the teachers at the seminar. Dr. D. B. Krishna Rao declared that the Indian Association of Teachers of library science be formed with an ad-hoc committee constituted for this purpose. Mr. Ganesh Bhattacharya proposed a vote of thanks. In the end a Committee was formed with Dr. D. B. Krishna Rao as its Chairman and Mr. P. N. Kaula as the Secretary. Thus was born the Indian Association of the Teachers of Library and Information Science (IATLIS) a national professional organization to further the cause of library education in India. The General Body meeting of IATLIS was held on 21st December 1970 to adopt the draft constitution circulated to members earlier with Mr. P. B. Roy in the chair. The constitution was discussed and adopted unanimously. (Source: Kumar, 1991a)